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Ritter painting

Wondering if anyone can give any information on this vintage Ritter painting--artist's full name and value? I found a request from another person about this same painting on this site but there were no answers given. Anyone that can help?

Size and dimensions of this item: 
Approx 2 ft × 3 ft
For Sale?: 
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Just a guess but of the arch ruins, crumbling arch paintings I’ve looked at this morning yours feels most like this one
I am wondering if the artist that did yours was basing his painting off of it.
I have no idea of value but would guess it was painted more as decor rather than fine art. I’ll come back if I find better info.
I found a floral here also signed Ritter
And one on Etsy
Okay, this is getting weird but there are two clown paintings here of the same clown. If you look at the recent comments here on the right side you’ll see links to them. I was searching Ritter and came up with a print that was the original inspiration for the clown paintings. Here’s a link to that
So, I think JULIAN RITTER is the starting point in finding out info about this painting.
A link to Julian Ritter
Is yours an original or a copy? He’s known mostly for clowns and nudes so the arch ruins seem kind of odd.
This link to a collector plate has a good signature example He also signed with only Julian sometimes.
There’s a good signature on this page too
This seems like an odd subject matter for Julian Ritter. I think I’ve brought up more questions than answers.
If yours is a Julian Ritter painting this group might be able to help
In the end I don’t think this is Julian Ritter. There being two almost alike, just like the two almost alike clown paintings (that were based on a Julian Ritter painting) feels weird. I could be totally wrong and would love to hear what someone else has to say. Lots of words to end up saying I don’t know.

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Paintings like this tend to date from the last quarter of the 20th century, most were sold as decorator pieces at traveling "Starving Artist" clearance sales held in Hotel conference centers. These were painted in multiples of the same scene by unknown Artists under contract to Art Wholesalers. If they are signed the signatures are usually pseudonyms and not the Artists real name. Values for them tend to be modest in the current market, most go at auction for less than $200.00

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