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Vintage Australian Melrose Ware Jug and Base

Ok, so I have this large and unusual piece of Australian Melrose Ware pottery. Im actually not sure if its "just ugly" or "beautifully unique" because i can't find a single thing that looks remotely like this! The jug stands at 40cmH x 17cmW and the circular "base" is 28cmW X 5cmH It has a little damage to the spout (home repairs) and a few chips & missing/peeled paint on the base. It has the stamp Melrose Australian Ware on base and the number 415 on the base of the jug It comes from my uncles deceased estate in Melbourne and can remember it sitting on the kitchen table as a kid mesmerised by the "confetti style" design .. definately over 45 years ago. Any info would be greatly appreciated Thanking you in advance

Distinguishing marks: 
Australian Melrose Ware
Date Period: 
Mid 1970's
Size and dimensions of this item: 
Jug - 40cmH x 17cmW Round base - 28cmW x 5cmH
From a relatives deceased estate. Pretty sure it was purchased in Melbourne Victoria in the early to mid 70's.
For Sale?: 
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