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1973 Vintage Six Million Dollar man

Found this action figure under my Mom's house. On back of body it has Universal City Studios Inc 1977 all rights reserve and 1975 General Mills fun group Inc by it's division Kenner products Cincinnati OH 45202 cat.no65000 made in Hong Kong. The body in good shape and the bionic arm and the bionic eye are also in working order. But missing the left hand. Dressed in original clothes but the shirt and pants have holes in them from moths but remember this action figure is 46 years old. When you turn his head to the right and push the button on his back the arm will rise and turn his head to the left and lower arm. The bionic eye has no scratches and you have clear vision, and his socks and shoes are in good shape

Antique Toys
Hard plastic
Distinguishing marks: 
General Mills, universal studios, and Kenner products
Date Period: 
Size and dimensions of this item: 
12 inches tall
Found buried under my Mom's house
For Sale?: 

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