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70s Plastic Band-Aid Lunchbox with thermos - set of 2

2-1970s plastic Band-Aid lunchboxes with thermos sets. 1 set with blue thermos, other red. Both in original box with 1978 shipping label

H-10", W- 7", D- 4"

Blue thermos set never opened from shipping, very slight yellowing. Red thermos was open but returned to original box without use, some yellowing.

I'm guessing rare because only mention I could find said listed in Larry Aiken's guide to vinyl plastic lunchbox guide on page 90.

General Antiques and Collectibles
Distinguishing marks: 
Blue thermos has very minimal yellowing as it's been sealed in box since 1978. Red thermos set was opened, looked at & returned to original box. Some yellowing. I believe good condition for age.
Date Period: 
1978 shipping label
Size and dimensions of this item: 
H-10", W- 7", D- 4"
Very light.
My grandma purchased in 1978, post marked 3/15/78. My mom gave to me while cleaning out basement for downsizing after my dad passed. Would like to sell as set if possible. Excited to hear back from someone.
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