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Antique Brass Fireplace Fender

Approximately 1615mm (5'3") long x 380mm(1'2") deep Brass fireplace fender, with a copper plate base. This fireplace fender has a Roman statue standing 330mm(1') tall on one end and a Frenchman in possible Louis XVI style standing 580mm(1'9").

The Frenchman has a hallmark and what appears to be a signature on the back, he also is holding a book that has a title etched in the front and text inside the book.

This has been in family storage for about 60 years at least, and there is no one left to ask anything about this item.

We would like to know whatever there is to know about the hallmark and maybe even the artist if that is what the signature is. An age and approximate value of the piece would be great as well.

Brass and copper
Distinguishing marks: 
Brass hallmark, artists name and details on the book, front and back. (Ironically the title on the book is situated on what would be the back cover.)
Date Period: 
Estimate 19th century.
Size and dimensions of this item: 
1615mm long x 380mm deep
35kilos (80lb)
Been in a family storage unit for at least 60 years. So history is unknown beyond this.
For Sale?: 

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