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Antique Chinese Porcelain Teapot & Teacup/Saucer Set-Gilt

I don't know much about this item.  I found and purchased this at an estate sale or thrift store a couple of years ago, and rediscovered it while moving things in my basement! I have tried to find a dynasty(?) mark or a maker's mark similar to it online, and have had zero luck. The inside at the spout has multiple holes. None of the pieces have no vivible damage that I can find. The same handpainted symbols appear on the bottom of the teapot, and the teacup. There is a lot of gold, dark green, and magenta as well. Anybody know anything, or even just recognize the marks? The teapot is approximately 5.5"x7.5"x 5.5". Thank you!

Porcelain, Or China
Distinguishing marks: 
Unable to read - 3 Chinese Characters In Blue, Stamped On Bottom of Pieces
Date Period: 
Purchased at Estate Sale or Thrift Shop Within The Past 3 Years. Beyond that, I have no provenance history.
For Sale?: 
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