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Antique Dish Cabinet

Unsure, but am interested in possible price ranges!

This is an item of my husbands late grandmothers. It is a Red/Brown color almost like a cherry wood. It is definitely hard wood and has locks on it(which we do not have the keys for). On each door there is a resemblance of a flower, which I'm assuming to be a sunflower, or at least within that flower family. In the center, there are door knobs that hang on the two drawers. The top has only one, and the bottom has two. In the center of these drawers theres a pattern that I cannot describe but have added into the pictures. *I have shown the inside of the cabinet and as you may see I will be posting more antique items later! *

Distinguishing marks: 
Sunflowers on doors
Size and dimensions of this item: 
Unsure, but I am looking for more information on this is anyone knows! Also how much it could be worth just for fun facts!
For Sale?: 

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