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Antique Elgin laides pocket watch 14K gold Dueber case sailor anchor trademark

I've had this antique watch since the 1980s, It was for my grandmother. When I was a child she gave me a bag full of costume jewelry. The other day I found the bag in my closet. As I looked through it I noticed a small purse, a little clutch. I opened the clutch and found a laddies pocket watch. The white face of the watch says Elgin, it has roman numerals, and the inner case says Dueber, it's gold. It still works perfectly. The outer case has a picture engraved of a woman's bonnet, a bird flying above, a mirror, and flowers. The image reminds me of springtime. With the help of Google, I've learned that it has Savonnette (hunter) movements and dials, the crown is at three oclock and the small seconds at 6 oclock, The hinge for the hunter lid is at 9 oclock. I cannot figure out how to open the watch to view the serial number, or to get an accurate measurement. I measured the Whiteface, it's approx 31.75mm (2s or 3s)1.233 in or 1.267 inches. 14K gold, with an anchor on the crest. I found an image on google that says Dueber Watch Case Mfg. Co. Case Trademark was issued on Sept 27, 1881. see the image attached.

Jewelry and Gemstones
14k Gold
Distinguishing marks: 
A woman's bonnet, mirror, a bird flying above, flowers, engraved on the front and back
Date Period: 
This piece was for my grandmother, she gave it to me in the 1980s when I was a child.
For Sale?: 
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