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Antique Glass, Wood and Metal Vitrine

This vitrine has, what appears to be bronze detail. It is 2 pieces, so that the glass case sets on the bottom piece. The legs are curved and metal. It has 1 glass shelf inside and a mirror on the bottom( both are removable). The back of the case is a mirror. It is mostly metal, as all the carvings, the legs, the frame and all of the adornments are metal. It does have a bronze patina. It measures 63X23X14"D. I inherited this piece from a distant family member, who was Austrian, but lived most of her adult life in Kansas. I believe it is C. 1850-1899, but I am not positive. The wood looks like tiger or burl wood? I have had to move this piece 4 times now(I move around for my job), and I do not want to put the stress on it anymore. It is missing 1 tiny bronze nail or screw on 1 side that I have not attempted to replace. I would like to get an idea of its value, so that I may try to sell it.

Metal, glass, and wood
Distinguishing marks: 
Not any that I can find
Date Period: 
Size and dimensions of this item: 
100-130 lbs
Passed down to me from my grandmother. I do not know how long she had it. She was born in Austria, but lived her adult life in Salina, Ks.
For Sale?: 

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