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antique miners oil lamp/lantern

It came from UK london, a long ago At the front it has crown emblem and inside is carving ''E.T & W A'' And what i understood wfom my parent that these lamp were given as gifts by royalty/high-class I would like to know abaot history of this lamp and it's value. When i tried to search information abaot this lamp in google i found nothing.

Lamps and Chandeliers
i don't know what metal it is made of but metal and wood
Size and dimensions of this item: 
22,5 cm tall and diameter 5,7cm from above the wooden part
My fathers mothers sisters friend who lived in UK london geve it to my father mothers mother when she made finnish wall rug for her, around 1970, and at that time the lamp was regarded as old.
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I’m still early in searching but it might be E. Thomas and Williams (I think what you’re seeing as an A is a triangle) and could be a Marsaut style miners safety lamp. I think the E stands for Evan. Yours might be known as a Cambrian.
This place may have some answers for you
I think this Facebook page might also interest you, there’s contact info there as well.
Here’s what I believe the crown with feathers mark is

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