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Antique Necklace Pendant

My father (56 yrs old),  was in his great aunts attic when he was 16...In there, he found an old box of medals, one of which was a pewter silver and had a piece of silk attached to it.  As he lifted the silk up, it merely disinegrated in his hands.  The medal is in excellent shape and is now on a chain to make a necklace.  It is about 1/2 inch wide across and 1 1/2-2 in long down.  This pendant is held together by four link chains, two holding the top filigree to the middle pendant and two holding the bottom of the pendant to the bottom filigree. the bottom filigree then points down to a small hoop where the last chain link connects to the coin like pendant. The Middle of the necklace is a convex engraving of the face of a viking with a helmet on with horns, wearing knight of armor (only bust). The back of the the viking is ornatte floral-like filigree. The coin shaped pendant below the middle pendant has a flat engraving of side view a pharoah sitting in a chair holding a flower. If you turn the whole pendant over, the front of that coin with the pharoah is an engraving of some symbol with thin lines, surrounded by 12 small stars and is bordered by three pedaled side view flowers.  the image with the lines appears to be something of archery at first glance, but is hard to decipher what it means. The whole necklace is symmetrical except for the lower coin pendant, which has the dual sides. Pleas let me know if you have any idea what this means, what year its from, and posibly what it's worth. thank you!

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Silver, Brass?
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2" long by 1/2 " wide
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