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Antiques China sugar bowl 1744 (Russia)

The piece looks like a coffee or tea cup but, has a very beautiful lid witha unique shaped handle to lift the lid. Lid also has triangle shapes on it and within the triangle is a butterfly designed blue in color.  It is trimmed in what looks like gold, there are 2 blue doves sitting face to face, and there is a diamond shape that goes from the top of the glass to the bottom & it is filled with a large blue flower  with each other. Underneath the lid there the number 26 written in, what looks like, gold.On the rim of the cup on the inside there is also what looks to be somekind of vine that connects once it goes all the way around the inside of the rim. On the bottom is written, in blue, "Hand Decorated", then underneath that it looks like Ag7pe,possibly, the 1744 & then St. Petersbury Russia, the number 7. Cannot tell what number is directly next to it. Final detail is the 1d that is also writen on the botttom of the cup.

I believe it is Lomonosov porcelain, lined in 22k gold
Distinguishing marks: 
Just the Ag7p03?
Date Period: 
Size and dimensions of this item: 
2 1/2" tall 4" wide
6 oz
Don't know but would like to know some history on it.
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