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Black Death Vodka in a CAN

We recieved this CAN of Black Death Vodka from a friend a couple years ago. I have been researching this all day and cannot find anything on it. Its like it doesnt exsist. Its in bottles everywhere but not in CANS. I had a few people tell me today that it was never made that way but its sitting right here with me so it was. I was told this was made for a specific winter game or something? It was only made that year and discontinued. I am just looking for someone else that has some info on it. To me this seems to be one of a kind. Any info greatly appreciated. THanks.

Willing to sell for right price but not quite sure yet.

[email protected]


aluminum liqour
Distinguishing marks: 
skull with top hat gold medals on can sigurdsson family richmond distillers ltd.
Date Period: 
1995 expired 1997
Size and dimensions of this item: 
1lb. ??
Recieved this from a friend.
For Sale?: 


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Submitted by Anonymous (not verified)

We used to buy it in cans in Kyrgyzstan.

I was surprised to find out it wasn't a local product.

I have several dcans in my liquour cabinet.

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