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I'm new here and I just have some questions. My great grandfather's farm house is scheduled to be demolished next week and I have acquired this chifferobe that belonged to him. I have searched and cant find any information about a piece like this. I have found similar pieces with square mirrors where the round one is but nothing with a round mirror. I know its is pretty rough shape and I want to restore it as best I can. I guess my questions are does anyone know anything about how old this is, where it came from or anything? And any advice on restoring it? Should I strip the finish or try to save it? I'm new to antique furniture so any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

wood with mirrors
Distinguishing marks: 
round mirror on the door of the hat cabinet, it also says 3140 3/4 C'ROBE WAL. GLASS. on the back of it
This chifferobe was in my great grandfathers farm house. he had it as long as i can remember and my father said he had always had it when he was a kid too. i was told by a relative that this piece was close if not more than 100 years old. i just want to know exactly how old and maybe who made it.
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