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Coins Of The Twentieth Century


Complete book of U.S Twentieth Century Coins.
1902 Indian head cent
1945 Lincoln wheat cent
1943 Lincoln steel cent
1959-D Lincoln wheat cent

1901 Liberty head V nickel
1921 Buffalo
1994-P Jefferson nickel
1942-P Jefferson Silver nickel

1916 Barber dime
1925 Mercury dime
1964 Roosevelt silver dime
1984-P Roosevelt Clad dime

1915 Barber Quarter Dollar
1928 Standing Liberty Quarter Dollar
1943 Washington Silver Quarter Dollar
1965 Washington Clad Quarter Dollar
1776-1976 Bicentennial Quarter Dollar
2005 West Virginia Statehood Quarter Dollar

1902-O Barber Half Dollar
1942 Walking Liberty Half Dollar
1948 Franklin Half Dollar
1964 Kennedy Silver Half Dollar
1966 Kennedy Silver Clad Half Dollar
2010-D Kennedy Clad Half Dollar
1776-1976 Kennedy Bicentennial Half Dollar

1882 Morgan Silver Dollar
1922-S Peace Silver Dollar
1972-D Eisenhower Silver Dollar
1776-1976-D Eisenhower Bicentennial Dollar
1979-P Susan B. Anthony Dollar
2001-D Sacagawea Gold Dollar

Coins and Currency
Copper, Steel, Silver
Date Period: 
1882 to 2010
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