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Crystal Chandelier

This is a large chandelier that was left hanging in the dining room of the house I bought. The previous owners were Greek and that's the only thing I know about them. The chandelier is quite large with crystal (I think) beads hanging down. These are already attached separately. The electric bulb holders are white (they look blue in the picture, but that's just my camera) and the base looks like it's gold, but maybe it's something different.

As you can see I need a little help figuring out how much this costs and what year it's from.

Lamps and Chandeliers
Looks like gold, but not sure.
Distinguishing marks: 
A. Schonbek & Co. Inc. - Underwriters laboratories electric fixture Issue No. C-511-307
Date Period: 
Size and dimensions of this item: 
Hanging - At least 3 ft or so
It's heavy
This was left in a home I bought. I believe it was brought from somewhere and installed after the original home owners moved in.
For Sale?: 


JillHannah's picture

Is this an 8-arm chandelier? It's a little hard to tell from the photo.

It appears to be new, like from the last 30 years. Schonbek is still in business, and something comparably sized but brand new in the latest designs will set you back about $1000-$4000 (less if you shop around).

I actually found what appears to be the larger version of the same chandelier you have hanging in your house, sold just a few months ago at a live auction in Florida for $700.

Hope that helps.

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