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D. Milch & Sons Inc Mirror

My wife bought this mirror yesterday.  Neither one of us know anything about antiques or mirrors, but it had label on the back with D. Milch & Sons Inc and a (apparently) handwritten number of 1769 on it.  The label looks like the one I have pictured here but with a different number.  (I didn't want to take the thing down again to photograph the actual label.  It's too heavy) I tried to find out more about the company but keep coming up empty.  I guess they were a home decor company in the early 1900's, but haven't been able to figure anything more.  It's 5 ft wide and around 40" tall.  We're trying to find out where D. Milch & Sons were located, any guess on the age of the mirror and an approximate value.  I think she got a smokin good deal, but we'll see.  It does look great in our house either way.

Home Furnishings
Looks to be gold gilded wood.
Distinguishing marks: 
D. Milch & Sons Inc, #1769, Oak and acorns
Size and dimensions of this item: 
60" W x 43" H (at the tallest Oak cluster)
more than 50 lbs
Purchased from a lady who said her mother has had it for years.
For Sale?: 
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