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East Indian Cross

East Indian cross. Brought from England by great grandmoghter.

Jewelry and Gemstones
I am not familiar with the material that this necklace is constructed from.
Date Period: 
This is from a the late 1800s to early 1900s
My great grandmother brought this is from England.
For Sale?: 


Thomas Gordyn's picture

The clasp is a spring ring which wasnt invented to the early 1900's.

I have some red flags thrown up with this piece. 

Christianity is only approximately 2.5% of the religions in India.

The rope braiding looks to modern to me.

The style is more modern then late 19 to early 20 century.

If you have more pictures and perhaps hallmarks or anything to indicate origins. Please add some more pictures of back etc ,, I would be most happy to investigate further. 

Kindest Regards ..

Thomas J. Gordyn

Certified Proffessional Appraiser - AIOA

Proud Member of The American Numismatic Association

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