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Frame NASA Apollo 11 launch celebration


CELEBRATE APOLLO 11 Commemorating America's courageous journey and achievements that made the first men on the mean a reality As the manufacturer of Magas oficial Apollo Math Anniversary emblems medallion and the Calebrate Apollo 11' commemorative fare series, Winco International hereby cetfles the authenticay of this linted edition . The medallion featured on this frame contains are Apollo command module metal that was from be the moon. Only 1969 dl these medallions will be exclus vely produced to this eries Signed and rumbered by prominent space arts, Paul Cale , the limited edilen first day covers feature de historic stamp he desired. Me Calle has personaly signed and numbered these covers to match the number on each termes descriptive plate . The Apollo 11 Lunar Pleque emblem is from a limited edion of 5,907 pieces . Al dher hand corned emblems are y used by NSA and the derospace industry . The individual cerakcate number stamped below carloes this limited edition as to matches the number engraved on the frame's descompile pare 0 2009 WNCO INTERNATIONAL PO Box 4117Ouwoth C9032 0302/1989 Modern

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metals of the moon
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NASA seal
It was given to my father and my father gave it to me, I am a pilot aviator
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