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French Renaissance Revival Style Dining room set value

Someone told me that the style of my dining room set was French Renaissance Revival Style. Is this correct? Any value would be appreciated as I have to move soon and can't take this set with me. Tiger Oak.table(removable top), 6 chairs(bulrush seats), sideboard and 2 piece china cabinet. Measurements listed below. China Cabinet: 52” Length x 18.5” Width x 66.5” Height (two parts of 29” + 37.5”) Sideboard / Buffet Table: 88.5” Length x 21” Width x 48” Height Table: 57” Length x 37” Width x 29.5” Height Chairs: 18” Length x 18” Width x 37” Height

Tiger Oak
Distinguishing marks: 
Handcarved faces on sideboard and china cabinet
Size and dimensions of this item: 
In long description
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I've been in the antique business for over 40 years and never heard of a French Renaissance Revival style, though this set does have elements of the Gothic Revival Style. Most sets like this tend to date from the turn of the 19th Century through the 1930's. Not much demand for furniture like this currently, whole sets often sell for under $500.00 at auction.

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