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Game/Chess Table

Bought this from a young couple recently. Needs repairs and wondering if its worth what I will have to put into it. Not much is known about it but the girl claimed its at least 80 years old but that seemed unlikely to me at the time. Her late grandfather was given this as a gift from his wife. The chess board flips over as a backgammon board. The chess pieces came with it and the two sides open for storage of the pieces. Both sides that open have a dark black color inlay. An appraiser here offered very vague in but did tell me its likely from the 80s. However, I was looking for a bit more info like what company made this particular piece mostly and maybe a link to one where that info was based but none was offered. I would like to know what the chess board and inlays on the table are made of also if possible. I would appreciate any info anyone could give if anyone can offer more info! Thank you all!

Size and dimensions of this item: 
30.5 height, length of table 31 and 20 wide
Same as description
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