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Geisha Ware Pitcher

Does anyone have information about his pitcher.

It is 8" x 5" with no obvious marks.


It is in mint condition

This is what we have so far.

As best as we can tell, this is an example of Geisha Ware, the crimson red trim being a typical characteristic of most known specimens, from tea sets to individual pieces such as this lovely pitcher.

Hard to find an identical example, which in our opinion makes it more desirable for collectors of this popular genre.  The vast majority of vintage Geisha-ware were made around 1920s - 1940s in Japan.

We have a feeling that the mark has just faded away as the Japanese were very meticulous in marking their pieces.  In any case, we're pretty certain that this is authentic and from that period.

Asian Art
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8" x 5"
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I'm inclined to wonder if this isn't Satsuma Kutani - which also has classic red rims and necks. There seems to be some very Kutani-characteristic gold strokes and swirls on the neck - and in particular a Kutani Kaga Provence jug of the Meiji Period (1867-1912), which could account for the mark being worn away.

Although Chinese have been very clever in their reproductions of both Geisha ware and Kutani, I am certain this is authentic. One of the confirmation signs of this always - and shown on your jug - is that you will find the occasional brush stroke that has missed the mark of what it was painting, gone past the edge of a leaf for example, whereas a reproduction always looks "too perfect" with each object painted in up to its outline but never exceeding it. Also, originals tend to have straight slashes for eyes whereas reproductions, aiming to fool the Western world, will be shown with exaggerated slants and eyeballs.

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