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"La Femme aux trois visages" (Woman with three faces)

In 2004, Tamara Kvesitadze created a pieces for Daum.The tender yet authoritative image conveyed by "La Femme auxtrois visages" (Woman with three faces), an edition of 500, dealswith the concept of multiplicity associated with Woman, expressedby the multitude of dynamic silhouettes. One can also sense, moredistantly, an ironic attitude to symbolism and the idea of theatricalappearance. This is made all the more obvious by the transparenttexture of the glass, which transforms the work into a mirage. "LaFemme aux trois visages" is a work both decorative and full ofsculptural rigour.Height: 16.4 cm

This I copied from a web page.

I have number 69 of 500 limited edition.

I cant find any price or value anywhere on the internet. 

Thanks for any help given.

Fine Art
Daum Crystal
Distinguishing marks: 
Tamara Kvesitadze signed
Date Period: 
Size and dimensions of this item: 
6 1/2" 16.4 cm
Bought from a shop in Gibraltar and never been unpacked. Brand new in original box.
For Sale?: 

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