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Meiji Period Sterling Silver Dragon Teapot

This is a solid silver Meiji period Kyusu teapot .
It is done in repousee with a two water-dragon motif ; the two dragons are intertwined around the body of the teapot & one dragons' neck & head serve as the spout .
The lid has another water-dragon , with it's head serving as a handle .
The dragon heads on the spout & lid are cast silver and are silver-soldered on .
There is an Ivory handle (approx. 70 mm) mounted at 90 degrees , relative to the spout .

This is a highly detailed and skilled work of the time period .
The only mark that I can find is the 'pure silver' Jungin stamped on the bottom of the teapot .

I have been told that it looks like the work of either Y.Nonoike or Yukitru .
With no found signature , that's only guesswork , I guess.

I've had trouble trying to post photos on this form , so I am including 2 links to photobucket , for the viewing of this item .

Thank you , in advance , for looking at my little teapot !

Asian Art
Sterling Silver .950 & Ivory
Distinguishing marks: 
'Pure Silver" Jungin on bottom
Date Period: 
1868 - 1900
Size and dimensions of this item: 
750 ml when full
18.5 oz
Purchased from a Private Estate
For Sale?: 


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Submitted by Anonymous (not verified)

Thanks for asking , Lovejoy .
The 'Jungin' on it's base signifies "pure silver" in Japanese .

I had it tested by a good silversmith/jeweler & it came up .950 silver .


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Submitted by Anonymous (not verified)

I agree , Lovejoy .

About 6 years ago I saw a later version of a Sterling silver Japanese Dragon teapot ( 1940's ) , with an ebony handle , walk out of an antique shop in Seattle for $1400 + tax .

I guess it's worth what a collector is willing to pay , eh ?

Thanks for your comment , Lovejoy .


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