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Meriden Britannia Company 1943 marking

5" wide by 5" tall including handle. Has nice flower and bird motif and a braid pattern on top of handle. Not sure what it's meant to be - a basket or pot or just a trinket box? It may have included a lid but it's missing now. 

Stamped Meriden B. Company 1943 on bottom

Also seems to have an "R"  or "Pr..." engraving on the top rim. Not sure if part of a word or what. 

Silver plated? Century?


Silver and Silver Overlay
silver plated
Distinguishing marks: 
meriden b. company 1943 on bottom; "R" engraving on top rim
Size and dimensions of this item: 
5" wide x 5" tall
1 LB 1.3 oz
For Sale?: 

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