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oil paintings

I have two oil paintings by Lee Bivens approximately ten inches by twelve inches, of flowers in a vase; both are framed and in excellent condition.

Fine Art
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approx. 10" x 12"
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nicholas's picture

Maybe I am doing something wrong here? I have not got an appraisal on these oil paintings. Some suggestions please on what im doing wrong.    nicholas


fishwhacker's picture

You just made this posting a few hours ago. This is a community based site with very few active members. We try to answer as many postings as fast as possible but if you expect an immediate answer I'm afraid you'll need to seek an in person or online fee based appraisal. Quite a few postings get overlooked here that are of very little value or quite frankly no one knows anything about, but again you only posted a few hours ago and this is not an immediate at your service type site, there are a few of those around but general knowledge appraisals can run $10-20 and you still won't expect a response for 24 hours or so. Things like art generally need to be viewed in person but you can get an idea if there is any market for the artist or if they are well known by searching auction databases. Typing in this artists name only brings up some photo prints of nascar/sports type events that sold for $100 or less and no oil paintings whatsoever. I don't think this is an artist that will have any significant value behind it and is most likely someones hobby piece or a small community artist sold work, again if you want to be sure you will need to visit/consult an art expert.

Lovejoy's picture

Well put, any type of original art work really requires a physical appraisal to determine what we are dealing with. What often looks like an original oil painting or watercolor often is not what it first appears, other things have to be taken into account to determine the authenticity, vintage and artist that cannot be done via images.

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