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Pair of Japanese Cherry Blossom Shaped Porcelain Polychrome Pots / Vases


I have a Pair of Japanese Cherry Blossom Shaped Porcelain Polychrome Pots / Vases. I believe that they are Japanese due to the two character mark and the colors used with the karakusa. They have a cherry blossom form with 5 lobes and the mouth is in the shape of a cherry petals. They are hand painted with tropical bird that could also be a phoenix in a ruyi / lingzhi shaped panel with cherry blossoms, florals, clouds and a garden fence. There are 3 of these panels with the same artwork. The main body is in rust red with gold karakusa and Chrysanthemums. They weigh about 4.7 pounds each and are about 9.5" Tal and 7.5" across the oblong mouth at the widest. 

I would appreciate any information that someone can provide as to the type of pottery this is as well as the maker and the artist. Also, if you have an idea of their value sold together or singly. Thank you in advance.

Asian Art
Distinguishing marks: 
Two character Japanese signature
Date Period: 
Mid to late 1900s
Size and dimensions of this item: 
9.5" Tall X 7.5" Wide at the Mouth at the Widest
4.7 pounds each
Bought at estate sale
For Sale?: 

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