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Precious Moments Sugar Town House #529605 - Hand Signed by Y. Fuji

I came accross the entire Sugar Town Collection  of Precious Moments figures, inside the big box collection, came a Box with  the Sugar Town House piece on it # 529605. The Piece seems to be signed by  what I read as Y. Fuji. Which could be Shuhei Fujioka, one of the original sculptors of precious moments figures.  However, his father, Yashuhei Fujioka, was also a Master sculptor, and the signature reads Y. Fuji.  I'm trying to see if the signatures are in any known database, or if it is worth anything at all. I have not seen any other pieces with his signature on any online auctions or anything. Therefore, I don't know if i have any kind of interesting piece here. All of the items were brand new in the box, and seemed to had never been opened,   or if they were opened, it was only briefly as all the tape was still mostly intact. 


I will attach pictures of the item, collection, and signature. Any help will be appreciated.

Kind Regards,

-Joel Silva

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