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Silver Pocket Watch mystery...

UPDATE: New photos - This item is a conundrum to me. It's a small pocket watch with "Redsted Jensen - Risör" written on the face. Redsted Jensen was born in Denmark and worked as a silversmith in Risör, Norway. This much I know.Now, the strange part is that inside the back lid are a number of stamps: A crescent moon & crown (from what I can gather that means germany), to the left of that, a diamond/gem/superman-logo shaped stamp with something I can't identify inside. Beneath the moon/crown is 0,800 (I'm guessing silver content), as well as other marks and tiny tiny numbers scratched in.On the inner side of the back there is an engraving: "Redsted Jensen - Risör - Sölvmedalje 1905" ("sölvmedalje" translates to "silver medal") 

Watches and Timepieces
Distinguishing marks: 
Crescent Moon + Crown 0,800 Several other marks
Date Period: 
Ca. 1905
Size and dimensions of this item: 
40-45mm diameter
For Sale?: 
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