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Silver vintage hoop clasp pendant

Not known

Silver clasp type pendant. Closes with hoop over tongs. Grid pattern on inside of round end of tongs for gripping something (I assume). Stamp 925 on clasp of necklace and pendant, also archer like stamp on pendant. Was a Great Aunts and unfortunately I never got to learn its true use. Any information would be gratefully received. Pendant is 4 cm long and has a 'J' engraved on one side.

Jewelry and Gemstones
Distinguishing marks: 
925 and archery kind of mark
Size and dimensions of this item: 
4cm pendant
For Sale?: 


sourcreamking's picture



I assume you already figured out it is a violin tuning peg pendant seeing your choice of background... The engraved "J" could be anything, probably someones initial. If you could post a good photo (or detailed drawing) of the archer mark, that might be helpful in discovering more about this piece. It could very well be for holding something, or a tool (like some kind of tweezer) used with violins. I am no expert on string instruments, so I really don't know. Might find out more if you post the marking.

Here is an example of an English silversmiths hallmark:

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