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Spanish Revival Bedroom Set by McClellan Mfg Co

Spanish Revival Dresser
Spanish Revival Dresser Top Artwork
Spanish Revival Desk
Spanish Revival Desk Top Artwork
Spanish Revival Table Construction
Spanish Revival Manufacturer Nameplate
Spanish Revival Telephone Table
Spanish Revival Telephone Table Top Artwork
Spanish Revival Bench or Low Table
Spanish Revival Mirror

The McClellan Mfg. Co. was a Los Angeles company that made Spanish Revival furniture from 1920's - 30's, so I know it is 90 - 100 years old.  The set consists of a 4 drawer dresser, a small desk w/drawer, a small (telephone?) table, small bench/table, and a mirror.  The wood might be walnut.  All of the drawers have ornate iron pulls.  The tops of the dresser and the tables are painted in a Spanish style.  Plate glass covered the art work, so the colors are as vibrant as when these items were made.  The only caveat is that the glass on 2 of the pieces is stuck on and I did not want to attempt removing them for fear of damaging the glass or artwork.  The finish on the furniture ranges from fair (bench) to very good (dresser, tables, and mirror).  This bedroom set was in my parent's house for as long as I can remember.  Now that they have passed, we need to find it a new home.  I've seen a similar mirror on a Spanish Revival website for an exorbitant amount.  I don't know if it is really worth that much or if they're reaching for the moon.  Can anyone put a value on each piece and the set as a whole?  Thanks in advance! 

The wood is possibly walnut.
Distinguishing marks: 
Metal McClellan MFG Co nameplate.
Date Period: 
Size and dimensions of this item: 
do not have the dimensions, but they can be obtained.
The set belonged to my parents. I would guess they acquired it in the late 40's or early 50's.
For Sale?: 
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Yes the set does date from the 1920's, the style first becoming popular during World War One, but not hitting its stride till the 20's. Sadly demand for sets like this and most furniture made during this period currently is not in great demand. Many sets like this actually sell for more as individual pieces, at auction the larger case pieces often sell for under $150.00 each.

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