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Tang Dynasty Horse

I received from a client in 1998 as a gift to me, my client was given this horse as repayment for past due fees on storage space from a Chinese import company in the port of Long Beach CA

The horse was very cautiously stored in a wood box, the box exterior covered in linen and interior is cushioned in white silk, the storage box included a receipt of $1250.00 USD, which I assumed was a portion of the repayment for past due fee to my client- I would not know?

The horse was originally fully covered in clay and about 5 years ago the clay was removed by a family member not knowing either right or wrong some of the clay residue remains in some areas including the base.

The bottom of the base has a #13 carved on the clay and a Chinese Stamp?

Let me know if you would like to see more photos or if you know of a local appraiser?

Thank you for your time and your professional opinion. Marcus~

Distinguishing marks: 
# 13 marking and chinese stamp on base
Date Period: 
Tang Dynasty (519 AD)
Size and dimensions of this item: 
about 8" tall and 12" long
about 10 lbs
received as a gift from a client 1998
For Sale?: 

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