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Very old Japanesse silk painting from estate w/ other regognized fine items

This is from an estate of an artist's husband. The family didn't care about the art - and didn't want anybody to know about the fact their family member was husband to the artist many years ago. Several museums came and got stuff, but the family forgot about a small storage space and just put up a handwritten sign on the street... the items sold were amazing, many historical, and a lot from Japan where the original artist had lived around 1945-1960 ish. Among the items sold were gifts from the Emperor of Japan - everything had significance. Lot of Hollywood items, too, even postcards from stars to the original artist.

This item is one they forgot about, and thus never showed the experts. I have been unable to get any information on it. The silk seems to be much older than the frame - which is pretty old. The paper backing on the frame has been damaged here and there and repaired over some time. If I had to guess, I'd say it was put in this frame before 1950 at least.

The odd thing is that the silk has a spot or two where it seems to have a small hole from fire. It's clearly a very old, delicate, silk.

It measures apprx 15 1/8" across, and 46" tall (frame).

Asian Art
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15 1/8 w, 46" t
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