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Women's Toiletry/Makeup Set

This appears to be a Women's Velvet Bag with a toiletry/Makeup kit. It has a comb, powder/blush mirrored small compact, a larger compact/holder that might be for cigarettes, and a kisslock styled mini purse. The little purse might be a travel cover for the powder/blush compact as there is a little makeup inside and the smaller compact fits in it perfectly. Case is Blue Velvet/Velveteen,and has a back strap/handle that is made from the same material. It is fully lined with a sateen material lining, which feels good, not cheap. There are pockets where the various pieces fit inside. There are no markings on anything except the little kisslock purse and the snap. The little kisslock is imprinted with Josef with what looks to be a flower. And the velvet bag snap is imprinted with fulco prov r.i. The material for the little kisslock appears to be the same as the lining.

General Antiques and Collectibles
The compacts appear to be gold tone metal with some sort of top inlay. The Comb appears to be a mottled look plastic, the little kisslock is made from the same sateen as the lining with goldtone locking hinge.
Distinguishing marks: 
The Word Josef and small maybe flower imprinted on the little kisslock. FULCO PROV.R.I is imprinted on the bag snap.
Date Period: 
Due to the imprinting on the snap and the items, it appears to be 1940 or 1950s. I have found Handbags with the same imprinting on their snaps dating to the 1940s.
Size and dimensions of this item: 
Velvet Bag is about 10" W x 6" H, the comb is 4" long, the smaller Blush/Powder compact is 3" x 2"., the larger possible cigarette case is 4" x 3", the little kisslock purse/holder is 4.5" x 3.5".
Whole kit weighs about 13 ounces.
Given by an old friend and have no verifiable provenance.
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