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old case/trunk


I am asking for any information on behalf of my elderly uncle. He came across this item after buying a property and finding it in the loft. He has had it for years and we have recently cleared out his garage. He wanted to know what to do with it and whether it has any value.

The elderly lady that he bought the house from was believed to have been a survivor of Auschwitz. The trunk was on the queen Mary with a first class passenger leaving south Hampton on Oct 4 1947, room A22. The name of the passenger was Mr Woolfson.


Thank you.

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Trunks like this tend to date from the first third of the 20th century, used by a great many immigrants. some can be of signifigant value if made by a well known high end company such as Louis Vitton, but lesser or unknown makers, not so much. Trunks like this now are used as decorator pieces as end or coffee tables. We'd retail one this this for about $350.00 cleaned up for sale.

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