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Materials produced by these companies were found during the documentary project and/or the companies have a long history and are still in business. The titles of those in business now are italicized.

Gardner Companies

Most of the following information about these companies is taken from Esther Gilman Moore’s History of Gardner Massachusetts 1785-1967. This book is available at local libraries and for sale at the Gardner Museum.

L & Z Kamman Company, Inc.

Founded: In 1946 in Gardner, and incorporated that year. Founded by brothers Lee D. Kamman and Zora R. Kamman with their father I.B. Kamman. In 1967 approximately 150 people were employed.Location: The first location was a rented floor in the old Sundstrom building, part of the old John A. Dunn complex. After a few years the company bought the old Brown Brothers building at 90 Mechanic Street. A few years later another building at this address, formerly a part of Brown Brothers, was acquired from the Gem Crib and Cradle Company.Products: Early American chairs, mostly hand-decorated types, which were sold all over the United States.Company closed: 1991?, building burned in 1998

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I too have one of these rocking chairs. I inherited it after my Mom's estate was settled. I'm not sure if it was my mom's or my grandmother's.

Did you ever get a response to the value of it ?


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These are reproductions dating from the last quarter of the 20th century, most date from the late 1970's on the run up to the American Bicentennial in 1976. They were made in huge numbers and are of very limited value, often selling for about $75.00 at auction if in good shape.

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