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Imperial mahogany dropleaf coffee table

It's an Imperial mahogany dropleaf coffee table. The measurements are 56 inches long (with the sides in the upright position), 21 inches front to back, 17 inches tall, 2 drawers (16 1/2 length and width, and 3 1/2 deep. It has brass handles and on the bottom of the legs. It has two stickers on the inside right drawer (facing the table). One is spade shaped with a crown on the top of it (green in color), Imperial Grand rapids Michigan on it, and the other sticker is rectangle, white trimmed in green. GENUINE MAHOGANY. Mahogany Association INC. and has numbers 123 on it. Please view photos for more info and description.

American Furniture
Made of mahogany wood
Distinguishing marks: 
A design pattern borders the top of the table around the edge
Date Period: 
Size and dimensions of this item: 
56 inches long, 21 inches front to back, 17 inches tall. Has two drawers, each measures 16 1/2 inches long and wide and 3 1/2 inches deep.
Approximately 35 pounds
For Sale?: 
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The Mahogany Association, Inc. placed these stickers on the furniture prior to 1969 and is certifying that it is genuine mahogany and not a dyed wood of lesser quality. The association basically issued decals to manufacturers that could certify that their products were made of real mahogany. Imperial mass produced tables in all styles and pieces similar to this one in the Georgian Hepplewhite style . This style was popular from the mid 1920's through the 1950's, no huge value currently, many sell at auction for under $100.00.

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