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A decanter liquor set of four

A decanter liquor set of four appraisal

Set of four glass decanters with pump tops. Each pump dispenses approximately 2oz (60ml) Each is etched with the intended contents: Bourbon Brandy Gin Vodka All sit in a brass tray. The pump tops are also brass as well as a brass sleeve around each bottle neck. The brass tray is imprinted with a hallmark: "Br√łndberg & Tandrup A/S Denmark" that circles the initials BT The tray has some moderate moisture damage and some scratches on the bottom. A previous owner tried to put tape on the bottom to prevent further damage The glass is clean and free of chips, dings or cracks. In my own research, I have only found one other instance of this decanter set. I found a set with the same concept, but it was 3 decanters, stainless steel tops and acrylic try for $395. Category: Glass Condition: Good Medium: Glass/Brass Distinguishing marks: Stamped Hallmark on the bottom of the tray. I t is a circle that has Br√łndberg & Tandrup A/S Denmark around the circumference. In the center, it says BT. Size and dimensions of this item: Decanters are 3.5" x 3.5" x 11" Hold pprox 32oz (480ml) Pump dispenses approx 2oz (60ml) per pump Tray is 17.25" x 3.75" x 1.25" Weight: Decanters are approx 2lbs (4.4kg) each Tray is approx 2.5lbs (3.3kg) Total weight is 10.5lbs (13.3kg) History:unknown but is for sale

Glassware and Crystal
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