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17th 18th century buffet.


This is a buffet that i got from a millionaire 13 years ago and he told me that he had paid 2500.00 for it 20 years ago at a antique auction. It has two sheild crests on two of the front doors. All the hardware is made of iron and the hardware is fastened with iron spikes. There is a roman numeral number 8 carved on the back of it. I did research but i couldn't find anything about it or any other pieces that it looked like. I am wanting to sell it and am curious what it may be worth. Thanks for your time. God bless you. Also on the left front foot it has two pieces that cracked off but i still have the pieces.

I think it may be walnut.
Distinguishing marks: 
There is a roman numeral number 8 on the back
Date Period: 
17th 18th century
Size and dimensions of this item: 
7' long 3' 2'' tall and 22'' deep.
About 300 pounds
This came from a millionaires home that lived in highland park dallas Tx and he paid 2500.00 for it at a antique auction 35 years ago
For Sale?: 

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