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Antigue Chinese Vases

I have These 3 Vases and Can't figure out what the symbol means on the bottom. Want to know what it is and if they are won't any value. They are hand painted and are about 6 inches tall and the smaller one is about 4 inches tall. They  seem to be oringnal because each one has different markings on them and they are not perfect, like a remake. Thanks Letizia.

Distinguishing marks: 
The smaller one has a signature on the side bottom
Date Period: 
mabey 18 century
Size and dimensions of this item: 
2 1/2 x 2 x 6
about 7 oz. each
I don't really know much about them.
For Sale?: 


Rilki's picture


These are Made in China reproductions of Japanese Satsuma vases.

Most of the time they are marked "Made in China Satsuma" or similar markings, but occasionally the makers use any variety of other markers which are really simply to useless to the buyer.

The marks on the bottom of your vases might batch stamps to identify a series of style made by the company.

These vases have no antique value, but are meant for interior decorations.

Depending on the quality of the workmanship (hand painted vs mass produced/printed factory made) each vase is worth anywhere from $20 ~ $250.

You'll be able to tell if it's hand painted or printing overlay by the way the enamels wrap around the vases.  If there's an overlay/overlaps or mismatch  /misaligned edges, or perfect replications of the designs - it's an indication of a machine printed enamel on the vases.

Based on the photos alone, I'll estimate your vases to have a value of $60 each or $180 for the 3 vases.  On a good day with a buyer trying to decorate their home with Asian accent, you can get up to $200 tops for the pair.




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