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antique clocks/ gramdfather door bell clock

Would like to know first before selling

Looks like small Grandfather Clock top with long tube metal which actually tells time, but also door a bell.  It has been in the home since my mother was a young child.  Over 65 some years. I don't have much history on the clock Grandmother don't remember she is 97 years old nor my Mother exact time. I recall through the years that it was quite pleasant door bell/chime.

Clock I Believe in Maple wood. The pipes Brass
Distinguishing marks: 
I tried to look to see if any markings or even scratches or defects I've seen none. The brass piping looks good may need a little polishing, not dented.
Date Period: 
Between the mid 40;s ~late 50's
Size and dimensions of this item: 
Clock itself is approximately 16" x 9 Each brass tubing are different in size I would say height approximately 4 1/2 long
It is actually my grandmother's home that it is in. I believe it has been in the home since my mother was a young girl way over 60 years.
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