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Antique music box (reuge?)

I have what I believe is a Reuge wooden musical box that has been passed down 3 generations. From the research I have done myself I believe the picture on the outside is of Sorrento, Italy. I believe it was hand painted on glass. The inside is lined red velvet and features a mirror with 2 ballerinas that dance to a unknown melody. The inside and the outside are both adorned with what appears to be brass. The bottom of the box has the wind mechanism and the only identifying tag on the box which is a sticker. I have been able to find similar ones online for about 400 dollars but I haven’t been able to find this model. 

Music and Music Instruments
Distinguishing marks: 
Blue and silver tag. Reads: Original Sorrento inlaid wood guaranteed hand finished, ITALARTS, made in Italy, stock number and is left blank and underneath says SR. 3, Trieste Italy
Date Period: 
Size and dimensions of this item: 
Approximately 9” long, 3” tall and 5.5” tall
1-2 lbs
my great grandmother gave this to my grandmas as a gift when she was a child and she passed it down to me.
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