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Antique Vase once part of a museum collection

Hi, I do know the full history of my vase, but am having difficulty finding out what its worth. Sadly, due to current circumstances, I have to sell it, and need to find a fair price, and a willing buyer :-). Here is the story of my vase: This antique vase was made by AG Harley Jones of England, Wilton was one of their trade names. This vase was known as Samian Ware and was only made between 1907 and 1910, so there are very,very few in existence. Provenance is established and of good order. It formed part of the Pitts Rivers second private collection in the UK, and was sold by the family in the 1920s/30s. The rest of the collection went to start the Pitt Rivers Museum in the UK. The original collection accession marks can be seen. My grandfather's family bought the vase, and it was gifted to him and his new bride after they wed. So this beautiful piece came from England to live in South Africa. Amazing to think of how far its come and what it's survived (2 world wars, less than ideal travelling conditions etc)

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Museum accession marks and original collectors marks are still visible underneath
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