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Asian field teapot (duck) caddy

No provenance, found in an op shop (to my delight! as I have another rectangular wooden box type Chinese field caddy). Am staggered by the craftsmanship making use of .... a huge nut? Gourd?  I would like to identify that first. (It doesn't have the segments of a pumpkin.) Photo of top leaves and stem may give a clue.

Has a hole in the side for duck's bill (teapot spout) to poke through, so a hot cup of tea may be poured at a picnic without any need to lift the lid. Ingenious, huh? The red quilting keeps teapot warm. There are some tears in red fabric where white patches may be seen. Not major.

The duck teapot has two small cups. Can't find any pottery mark. The teapot does not have chips, quacks or mends - guess it has had a mollycoddled life.

Age please? Chinese?Indonesian? Vietnamese? I cannot find one like it despite hours of online searching.


Weight: 2lb 8oz

Height: 9¾" by 9"

Condition: very good. The bamboo handles are strong and sound. Attached by rings through tags of wood driven into the pumpkin-sized whatchamacallit!

General Antiques and Collectibles
natural fibre
Distinguishing marks: 
Size and dimensions of this item: 
9¾" high by 9" wide
2lb 8oz
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