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Bronze jousting knight on marble platform

I THINK it’s a Giuseppe Vasari piece because it is so similar. I know for certain it is bronze, it may have silver and gold but have not had it tested yet to confirm. The base is marble. It’s very heavy, 12 lb. it is 8” long, 4.25” wide and 10.25” tall (not including the sword which is 9” long). There are no marking anywhere aside from the gold plaque on the front that reads “cavaliere 16’ seculo”. The bottom has red felt. The knights shield moves along with the Mallot and stirrups. It’s very very detailed. It belonged to my grandpa who passed but my grandmother says it’s worth a small fortune but doesn’t remember the details. So I’m hoping to get more information on it and hopefully a cost estimate and verification of details to sell to put towards funeral arrangements. Any information would be helpful. Thank you. 

General Antiques and Collectibles
Bronze, possibly silver and gold overlay
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12 lb
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