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EveLeigh Baggage Trunk (Canada) with Eagle Lock Company Hardware (USA) circa 1880?

This trunk was purchased in 1983 from an Antique Shop in the Boston, MA area. We've owned it since and used it for storage and as a coffee table. It's one of two old trunks we want to sell and need to know if anyone can provide more information about the age or value of this one.  I don't even recall how much we paid for it.

There is a folded fabric covered piece that I assume originally sat over an interior tray, although there was no tray included when we bought it. The interior frame to support a tray remains. This cover shows the name "EveLeigh Baggage" & that it was made by a Canadian company in business since 1870.

The lock is from the Eagle Lock Company in Terryville, CT, but we have no key. These locks were patented in the late 1800's as well. EveLeigh trunks were primarly sold in New York/USA.

It appears to be a canvas covered wood frame with wood slats and leather straps. Most of the leather is intact, but neither handle would support lifting. It has small wheels on the bottom that are not visible unless you look underneath, but make it easy to move around. There are no holes in the exterior, but the interior fabric would need replacing if one were planning a total restoration.

The approximate dimentions are 2'10" L x 2' H x 20"D

It is for sale but pick-up only in NC because of it's weight and cost to ship. Any thoughts on value or age would be much appreciated. Thanks!

wood, canvas, leather, fabric, metal
Distinguishing marks: 
EveLeigh Baggage - Canada Eagle Lock Company - USA
Date Period: 
Estimated 1882-1892
Size and dimensions of this item: 
2' 10" L x 20" W x 2' H
Approximately 40 lbs.
Eveleigh Baggage Company of Montreal, Candada started in 1870 making suitcases and trunks. They were eventually sold in 1957 to J.E. Lortie Company. This trunk is known as a steamer trunk, although it's taller than the original steamer type trunks. It's not a wardrobe trunk because there are no drawers or hangers. The Eagle Lock Company in Terryville, CT began in 1833 & was a huge manufacturer of trunk locks.
For Sale?: 


NaNaPooh's picture

Thanks, that was (unfortunately) about what I thought. Of course I had hoped for more value Smile 

Do you know any way to get a good idea of the age? I suspect because of the dates I know about the trunk & lock companies, that it'd be somewhere in the late 1800's but wondered if there's a better way to pinpoint a date. I appreciate so much your taking time to respond.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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