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Genuine Vintage Czech Jewelry?

Description: Vintage Czech jewelry necklace, with metal Egyptian head and cobalt pendants. Story: A few years back, I purchased a necklace that an out-of-state seller told me was genuine vintage Czech jewelry from the 1920s.  The seller said the jewelry has been inside a padlocked warehouse in Czechoslovakia for over 80 years, and that's why it looks immaculate.  I was really impressed.  The necklaces on sale were marked with "Czecho," and I was told this guaranteed them as being old, authentic, and original, and not new made from old pieces.   Although the necklace was expensive (over $300), I was under the impression that it was a great deal for vintage Czech jewelry.  Some of my friends, though, think that my necklace is not genuine vintage Czech jewelry.  Not being an expert in old jewelry, all I can go off of is what I've read online.  I was reading this blog post on how to spot fake Czechoslovakian Bohemian vintage jewelry: < >.  I noticed my piece (Cobalt Egyptian Necklace) looks mighty similar to the fake one pictured at the bottom of the post.  From what I've read, it sounds like the fake ones tend to be over-the-top.  The thing that struck me, though, was the similarity of story between my necklace and the fakes: The blog says, perhaps about a different seller (the seller is never named): "Whilst the seller claims that the findings come from a deserted warehouse in what is now the Czech republic, ALL of these elements, the beads, the metal parts, the chains and the crystals are ALL available to buy."  It struck me that the deserted warehouse story might have been a gimmick.  Yet I know that 1920s Czech jewelry often had Egyptian symbols, and the handsome design is what drew me to this piece.  I'm guessing the deserted warehouse story has to be true sometimes, right?  The seller was so friendly, and seemed so knowledgeable and honest, and so I'm inclined to believe them. Do you think this necklace is genuine vintage Czech jewelry?  How much would you value it for?

Jewelry and Gemstones
brass and glass
Distinguishing marks: 
"Czecho" mark
Date Period: 
1920s (per seller)
Size and dimensions of this item: 
Standard necklace dimensions
Standard necklace weight
Said to be genuine Czech necklace from the 1920s
For Sale?: 
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