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Grete Reinwald (Postcard Model Circa 1911 - Germany) Mystery Girl Revealed - Real Photos?

Read Description and History.

I recently came across two photos - one in specific I'm willing to list for sale, potentially both depending on their value.  The photos are of an angelic faced Grete Reinwald, a famous real photograph postcard model that nobody could identify for centuries but was on hundreds of postcards from the early 1900's who eventually became a famous silent film actress.  People couldn't figure out who the doll was on all of the postcards until someone finally cracked the mystery and posted her real name online and in the blog linked here:  Although these are not standard postcard sized, they appear to be and from what I could gather from antique collectors thus far is that they are hand colored photographs. The size of the photos are 5 3/4" wide and 7 1/2" tall.  I have not seen any of the photos sold as postcards online, however I did find postcards from the specific photoshoot (the one I don't intend on selling) where she was wearing the same outfit.  It was on a postcard RPPC identification website, however I would have to look into it again to find the right one.  The site also had more information on her and her family.  The story from what I read is that one of her sisters ended up marrying a famous jewish film maker, while Grete married a famous actor (first husband died)  Her and her family left Nazi germany and came back after the war was over. One of the photos (the one I am willing to sell) says made in germany in white handwriting on the front, and the other one of which I took out and inspected further says "printed in germany" on the back. The photos were sealed in cardboard, but when the backs were removed you can see what I discovered.  I have no clue if the cardboard is directly related to the photos or not, however I did purchase them from New York.  It says they were shipped insured, from gorfine & solomon.  The photos are glued onto a frame mat that says 1911 R Chapman Co N.Y. There is also writing (although some appears to be missing, or on another piece of cardboard that didn't come with the sale) but I believe to be able to make out the words k. wolem (part of a name) brock, and le after.  Insured no 657006 and with the date of (the stamp didn't fully touch) but it appears to be either sep 22nd 1928/29 or 1938/39.   Any experts who can weigh in on exactly what they are, what their value might be, and any more information or someone who can point me in the right direction would be EXTREMELY helpful.  

Fine Art
ambrotype is what the seller listed it as, however I don't believe that to be accurate. Not an expert on photographs, neither was the seller.
Distinguishing marks: 
R chapman co. Grete Reinwald. Made in Germany. Printed in Germany. 1911
Date Period: 
1911 - Read Description and History
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Read Description. - Read History.
Read Description. - Read History
Read the description. I will list it on ebay once I get answers from multiple websites and experts, if I decide to do so. If any expert knows an accurate price, or those willing to pay the most, I would be willing to give a percentage of the sale to whomever gathers the right bidders. I have a pretty good idea of several already, however a more detailed history and research on the item would be helpful. Also, I need someone to create persuasive emails if this item fits what I believe it to be.
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