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Hand Carved Antique Cabinet

Wooden hand-carved antique or vintage cabinet.  Two-piece.  Green and yellow stained glass in top cabinet doors.  Key still locks door.  Bottom cabinet doors have hand-carved two men or boys, one playing a two pipe bagpipe, while the other is drinking and listening close beside him inside a barn.  The outside has a woman wearing a side hat with what looks like a spoon in her hat.  The other side of bottom cabinet shows what looks like a woman and man dancing and the background has a barrel and various old-time scenery.  Shows woman carved on the side wearing a hat.  The top of the cabinet, on both sides, has a mans face, with detailed decor following, all hand-carved.  Inside the cabinet are places (or small detailed racks) to hang something like utensils or something to that nature.  Top piece has two shelves.  Bottom piece has one shelf.  Both top and bottom have locks, with key.  Dimensions are 71 1/2" H X 51" L X 17 5/8" W.

European Furniture
Wood (Not sure what type)
Distinguishing marks: 
There are some marks on bottom of bottom cabinet door, but cannot make it out.
Date Period: 
Not sure, but taken that the two pipe bagpipe played in hand-carve is from the 1600's and 1700's and the nature of the workmanship seems to center around the Scottish, it is very old.
Size and dimensions of this item: 
71 1/2" H X 51" L X 17 5/8" W
Unknown, but very heavy
For Sale?: 

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