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Harmony House 4 piece bedroom set

I have a 4piece bedroom set from Harmony House from the mid 1960's. This set has been passed down through the family, starting with my husbands grandparent who first purchased it in the mid 60's. It has been used for the last 50+ years and is still in great condition. The middle stand is in the best condition because it has hardly been used the last 20 years. The tall dresser is next for best condition. It has one small split in the wood, other than that it is in great condition. The long dresser with the mirror is in the least greatest condition of them all. The mirror is missing the top frame board. It has some wear in the stain on the front that exposes a little bit of wood. It has a few dings and the top has a couple scratches near where the mirror attaches. It has been a wonderful set but its time for it to move on.

American Furniture
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Tall dresser 39 3/4" L X 42 3/4" H X 17 3/4" W Long dresser 51 3/4" L X 30 1/2" H X 17 3/4" W Corner stand Aprox. 45" L X 35" W X 30 1/2 H (L&W are measured from corner to corner) Mirror 39" H X 26 1/2 W
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